Daily Needs

Below is a list of the suggested foods that are needed to pack 30 bags, which is what the LBA Crisis Center distributes on a daily basis.

60 cans of green beans

60 cans of corn

60 cans of english peas

60 cans of pork & beans

30 jars of peanut butter

30 cans of pears

30 cans of peaches

30 cans of applesauce

30 cans of beef stew

30 cans of salmon

30 cans of spam or treat

60 cans of tuna

60 cans of vienna sausage

30 boxes of macaroni and cheese

30 bags of rice (2 lb)

30 boxes of instant potatoes

30 cans of soup

30 bags of dry beans, peas, etc

30 boxes of cereal

30 cans of juice

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